Author: Am Bux

5 Ways to Jolt Paying Off Your Student Loans

How do you get started when you owe a lot? Here are five ways to get traction attacking your debt: Download and populate this debt reduction spreadsheet (from Vertex42). How soon could you have your debt paid off? Can you tweak things to throw more at it each month? Picture your lender as as a […]

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A Black Friday splurge

I was really tempted to splurge on an Instant Pot this Black Friday. At the height of my temptation, I decided, let’s send a chunk to Navient. JUST DO IT! What were you tempted by this Black Friday? Were you able to resist? Tell us about it in the comments!

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The Financial Time Warp (or Don’t Lose Years Not Facing Your Debt!), Part 2

AmBux here! My financial time warp begins back in the 90’s when I was taught that college was a requirement to a worthwhile life. I was largely clueless about scholarships and grants and didn’t have amazing grades. (There was a time when I didn’t do homework as a form of rebellion.) I went with the […]

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