AmBux and CashEm, why are YOU starting a blog?

 At the risk of being cliché, we started this blog imagining our younger selves and what kind of information and advice we would have appreciated.

If I could turn back time, what would I tell my college-age self?  What would I tell my post-college first real job self?  AmBux and I have had different financial experiences and we want to share these with you, as well as share our journey together toward being debt free. 

There’s also the fact that the person who has inspired us the most(Mr. Ramsey) does not acknowledge gay people exist.  We saw an opportunity to share our debt-free journey with the LGBT community and with everyone around the world interested in living a debt-free life.  There are lots of financial blogs out there and everyone has a unique story and perspective.  We hope that something you read here resonates with you, whether you’re thinking about your finances for the first time or if finance is all you think about. 

We don’t think our experience as a lesbian couple makes us all that different from the many straight couples with financial blogs. We are married women living in Texas, where we feel very safe and live an uneventful life.  There’s something to be said for visibility, though.  Joining the conversation and putting our stories out into the world is important to us.

We would also be the first to tell you that when it comes to finances, AmBux and I have both made some MISTAKES.  We are figuring this all out as we go.  She has an MBA and loves to read books about finance, she had her financial stuff figured out a whole lot better than I did when we first met in 2010.  I have learned so much from her and we have learned even more together since we started working as a team on the debt payoff. I prefer to hear stories from people that have struggled, and I hope you agree.  We think that the challenges we’ve faced give us a little credibility here. I don’t want to hear about the finances of someone who’s never struggled with money, you know?

Our debt-free journey is full of ups and downs, trial and error.  This blog is a long time coming and we are both so excited to finally have it started.  Please be patient with us as we figure out how the hell to be bloggers.

We welcome your thoughts and questions, so feel free to comment below or send us an email! What would you like us to write about?

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  1. Congrats on starting your blog, CashEm and AmBucks! I’m looking forward to following and learning about your perspectives on finances.

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